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These are sentences which use both members of an antonym pair to convey a specific meaning.


  • The house was a little big, and pretty ugly too, but we got an awfully good price.
  • It sure gets late early here. -Yogi Berra
  • "The true story of a real fake." -TV show promo
  • "Poor little rich girl."


  • Pretty soon you end up down here.
  • Diane was talking about her phone being on "mute": "My thing was on 'off'".
  • I debate whether to redeem the free carwash at the corner gas station on the way home. Usually I decide against it because it's not very far home from there and I didn't want my car to dry wet (and leave spots).
  • Google will soon, if it hasn't already, cross the line from luxury to necessity. It permits me to be much less rigorous about remembering things, just like speed dial, so I guess it's evil. But it's a good evil.
  • Wi-Fi deployments in outdoor broadband are fast slowing as application specific gear [ ] increasing dramatically in scope and scale.
  • [Product] is pro-antioxidant.
  • Regarding puns, the worse the better.
  • Keep it down up there!
  • We were given leave to enter.
  • Clear policies that employees have signed off on leave little room for quibbling.
  • Now it only hurts a lot a little. (me, regarding my tennis elbow healing)
  • I can't remember the last first-run movie I saw.
  • Looking for my last first kiss.
  • You can make yourself perfectly well sick while keeping kosher.
  • No more new old computers for me!
  • (20MB or under over 3G, any size over Wi-Fi)
  • I have the whole live death. -Cavett
  • Apartment 3-G may be in its advanced decline at this point.
  • See who doesn't last first. (Said of empty fuel challenge in Forza)
  • I reinstalled something. And my GPIB tools worked as before after that.
  • I cam hear it outside inside. (Said of a noisy window/wall A/C unit loud enough that its outside noise can be heard in the house.)