Spectrum Analyzers I've had, and their current status and/or disposition

Spectrum Analyzers I have

Aeons ago I had an SDU, a 2U box with a small CRT in the center. A friend modified it for 10.7MHz IF instead of the 21.4MHz it came with. Worked well with my IC-R7000. Until the magic smoke escaped, that is.
Have manuals?
Have A/C?
Have the battery?
Date acquired
Cost me
BitScope BS31100 0-100MHz yes online yes N/A 2016-04-09 $40 De Anza flea market FFT. Knobless, unlike real SA. LOTS of accessories
NooElec RTL2832U DVB-T? 16-1700MHz yes online N/A USB 2014 $20 ebay? Using for ADSB, FlightRadar24 T-KNUQ6 SDRsharp and rtl_tcp
Tektronix 1401A 1-500MHz not yet yes weird yes 2016-04-09 $40 De Anza power regulator insane, Needs fine-tuning knob Have companion 323 scope. No handles
Tektronix 2715 0.009-1800MHz no counter ebay ubiquitous N/A 2016-05-13 $260 ebay on cart 75ohm CATV extras